Mastering the Professor, Book One, Taken in Her Office

The moment Gage Rutherford enters Professor Emma Burke’s office she knows she’s in for a wild ride. Because Gage Rutherford, highly successful businessman, is the super-sexy Dom whose eye she’d caught, and from whom she’d fled, four nights ago at Club Illusion. The very same super-sexy Dom she’s been dreaming and fantasizing about ever since.

He wants her. Desperately. And he’s willing to go to any lengths to have her any way he can get her. In the office. In the dungeon. In the elevator…the club…the woods…

Fortunately for Gage, she wants him just as badly. But he is way out of her league. Will submitting to this hard-edged Dom bring happiness? Or heartache?

Mastering the Professor, Book Five, Taken in Public

When Emma answers the urgent pounding on her front door, she is shocked to see Gage Rutherford standing there in the pouring rain. Without a word, he is upon her like a starving man. He’s not supposed to be back from his business trip until tomorrow! But after three days of constant edging, she needs him just as badly as he apparently needs her. A night of frenzied love-making, which barely takes the edge off their hunger, is followed by yet another sexual odyssey. This time in public, surrounded by people! Thrilled at the possibility of being caught, Emma finds herself eagerly surrendering to his kinky demands. She is utterly hooked. The more she’s with him, the more she wants. But, she knows he’s in it just for the sex. Eventually he will decide he’s had enough of her and then what? How will she ever be able to reassemble the pieces of her shattered heart?

Mastering the Professor, Book Seven, Taken to the Heights

After four days of silence from Gage Rutherford, a distraught Emma Burke receives an imperious invitation to a Play Party at Club Illusion. A small, intimate gathering, just her and Gage and seven other couples, his closest friends. Maybe he’ll finally admit how he feels about her.

But Gage still isn’t ready to give in to the yearnings of his heart. In fact, to prove to himself that he doesn’t love her, that he can continue to have sex with her while remaining emotionally detached, he comes up with a fool-proof plan. In their public scene together, he’ll share her with another Dom. What could possibly go wrong?

When Emma discovers his plans and the reasons behind them, she calls her safe word and flees the club. Devastated, heart-broken, and weighted down with grief, she struggles to get through the next few weeks. Equally miserable, Gage finally realizes he can’t live without her. But, will she forgive him? Or is he too late? 

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Mastering the Professor, Books 1-7, Complete Novel

Gage Rutherford is the perfect embodiment of a Dom, his raw sensuality and blatant masculinity giving him an appeal that Emma Burke can’t ignore. Unable to resist his allure, she allows him to pull her into his world of hard-core BDSM, with emphasis on the S/M. At first, at Gage’s insistence, it’s just sex. Sadistic, kinky sex. Hot, passionate sex. Whenever and wherever he demands it—in her office, on the dining room table, at the Renaissance Fair, in his dungeon. Just sex. Because he has no use for love or romance. Devastated by his ex-wife’s betrayal, he’s sworn never to be vulnerable to any woman. Ever.

But he quickly realizes that Emma is not just any woman. So, what happens when exquisite physical passion tangles with long-suppressed emotions? What happens when “just sex” exposes all those hidden hungers and needs and soul-deep yearnings? What happens when Emma’s growing love for Gage smashes up against his desperate need to deny his growing love for her?Will they survive the destruction?

Books Written By A.J. Steele

Mastering The Professor

Mastering the Professor, Book Two, Taken on the Dinner Table

Having fallen under the spell of super-rich, super-sexy Dominant and avowed sadist, Gage Rutherford, Professor Emma Burke agrees to have dinner with him the night after he commandeered both her office and her body and took her bent over her own desk. After all, she keeps telling herself. It’s just dinner, right? In a crowded restaurant full of people. What could possibly go wrong?

But when she steps into the car he sends for her, she is immediately immersed in his world of highly erotic BDSM. A world that demands her total surrender. A world that promises both never-ending torments and mind-blowing pleasure for the submissive Emma.

When she discovers that dinner is not in a restaurant, but at his house, and she is the dessert, well… Is it too late to turn around and go back home?

Mastering the Professor, Book Three, Training to Be Taken

After a particularly sensual interlude with Emma Burke, following an evening of the hottest sex he’d ever participated in, Gage Rutherford is terrified. As a Dom, he’s always prided himself on being able to remain aloof from his submissives. Guiding them, mentoring them, and scening with them while maintaining strict control of both himself and the women. Never allowing any personal feelings to intrude. 

But with Emma, everything is different. He’s feeling things he swore he’d never feel. Wanting things he never imagined wanting. This woman is just way too appealing and that makes her dangerous. He needs to put as much distance between them as possible. Now.

Except he can’t seem to break away. He’s never found a more perfect submissive than Emma. Masochist to his sadist, adventurous, and so damned responsive. Unfortunately, as idyllic as she seems on the surface, keeping her could easily turn out to be the worst mistake of his life.

Mastering the Professor, Book Six, Taken in the Dungeon

The moment the dungeon door opens and Emma Burke sees the array of bondage devices and instruments of sadistic torment awaiting her, she’s terrified. She’s also excited to see what Gage has planned for her. And he doesn’t disappoint. In a series of gritty, no-holds-barred scenes, he introduces her to hot wax, flogging, forced orgasms, anal sex, sizzling electro-play, and an anal hook. He also surprises Emma by role-playing an emotionally ferocious scene straight from one of her favorite books.

Gage Rutherford is acutely aware of his growing feelings for his beautiful submissive. Overcome by her trust in him, her willingness to let him push her past her limits, he’s dangerously close to falling in love with her, something he must avoid at all costs. After his ex-wife’s betrayal, he refuses to be vulnerable to a woman again. Not even one as perfectly suited to his sadistic needs as Emma Burke.

Mastering the Professor, Book Four, Taken to the Edge

Emma Burke is at her wits’ end. Gage is out of town for three days. Three days of being constantly plugged, edged and tormented through an endless series of kinky tasks designed to keep her at the peak of arousal without allowing her to come. By the end of the first day Emma is so frustrated, she’s not sure she’s going to survive. As she performs the tasks, each more diabolical and arousing than the last, controlling her orgasm becomes more and more impossible. But she’s determined to succeed. 

Because more than anything she wants to please him. He is rapidly becoming the most important thing in her life, a thought that frightens the hell out of her. Because even though he’s in it only for the sex, she’s beginning to want more. Much more.

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